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Is He Committed Enough To Be My Husband?

I am truly thinking hard about leaving my husband. We’ve separated in the past for a year and it was great. I came back for him….biggest mistake ever! My problem is I’m not sure how to do this with me being the only income in the house (he doesn’t have money) and us living 1800 miles away from his family. The only option I can think of is wait it out until he gets a job and then let him know what I want. Any opinions?

It’s also not fair for me to be somewhere I don’t want to be. I’ve told him that I’m unhappy and have no plans on staying with him forever.He just blows me off. If I can make it with him this long being unhappy, I think I can wait a couple more months for him to find a job. He’s really good at finding jobs, just bad at keeping them! So when you’re being ignored in my situation, what’s next?

There’s a couple problems with this plan though. 1. It’s not fair to him or you 2. You have no idea how long it will take him to get a job

This could also lead to infidelity. If you are truly not happy and want to be apart from him, then do the grown up thing and tell him.

I am not sure what to tell you I have never been married. I know times are hard right now with a lot of people out of work but those sound like long hours. Sometimes I wish I was married for the helping hand in my life – someone to talk to. Did you ever help find him a job or encourge him is he able bodied or does he have health issues? What was he like before you married him? Do you have children? Do you own anything together?

Do you still desire him? now some of you might disagree with this but there is still platonic affection a women wants in a relationship even after marriage would you not agree? But all I can say is talk to him – tell him what you want see if you can somehow work this out. May I ask how did you marry? How did he ask you do you remember those days? What was the ring like what was it like when you first moved in together? How was that first morning? Try to think of those times and maybe he will pick up on the vibe? But I don’t know I’ve never been married.

He’s able to work but we just relocated and have 3 children so it’s easier for him to stay home for a little while until we get settled. He is ready to work which is a great thing. He had a job before we moved. We relocated with my job. I do agree with the platonic affection while married. I believe women stay in a marriage while being unhappy because either their husband is their best friend, it’s easier to deal with the kids, and it’s less stress especially when the husband does not want to split. I’m in that situation now and have been before. There is no love between us and I blame that on myself. We married for the wrong reason, kids! I didn’t want to be a single parent but I was young and dumb. I had no one to teach me otherwise. I was raised by my dad who had no teaching skills. I told him my feelings and he blames me for everything and promises that he’ll never leave…not the answer I wanted. I guess he only thing that will work is to leave without notice. I guess then he’ll get the picture.